5+ Tips to Get Your Digital Photos Off of Cameras and Devices

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In our busy lives, it's not always easy to get images off of cameras and devices in one go. But, yes, if you have a system in place then things might get a little easy. Following are some tips for you to get your photos off of the camera and other devices.

5+ Tips to Get Your Digital Photos Off of Cameras and Devices

  1. Confirm that your camera's date is set correctly, to help with sorting photos chronologically. If you are using an old camera that does not have a date feature, take an extra photo with the name of the event or date. If you don't have an event or a poster to photograph, simply write it down on a piece of paper and snap it to help identify images later.
  2. Centralize your digital photo location for ease of use and accessibility. This dedicated folder location on your computer is the place where you should download photos from all devices and then copy to your alternate backup storage.
  3. If you are on a lookout to buy a new camera, consider investing in a Wi-Fi camera or wireless memory card to automate downloading images to your main computer. 
  4. Use a photo organizer tool to organize your photos in a consistent YYYY-MMM folder format. Once your photos are organized chronologically, you can then add description and tags for searchability. Label digital files based on what makes sense to you, so that you can easily find a photo when needed.
  5. You can then create a series of subfolders (within the YYYY-MMM) for each event or person that may be photographed.
  6. Educate all your family members (who upload photos to your computer) about your process and how you organize photos into folders. Once your photos are organized, don't forget to back them up. Also, make sure that your memory cards are refreshed and ready for the next special moment.