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In the Basic plan, you get a FREE quota to organize 5000 photos or videos (one-time), only. To organize unlimited photos and videos, you will have to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Yes, Tru is available for both Windows & Mac OS.

Tru does remove the photos from the Source folders to optimize storage space as it creates an organized copy of those photos under the Destination Folder.

Destination is a folder on your computer where Tru can create the clean organized library of all your photos. You can choose any folder you may want.

If two of your source folders contain the same photo/video file, Tru will ask you to either save it in the 'Likely Duplicate' folder (created within the destination folder) or keep it in the source folder itself. You can choose between either keep duplicates in 'Likely Duplicates' folder or keep duplicates in the source folder itself from the settings page.

Tru is automatic - it checks for new photos and videos in all the connected folders and sub-folders every 30 mins and automatically starts to organize them so you do not have to do anything.

No, once your photos and videos are organized in the destination directory, it can't be undone. Our team is working on this feature and it will be available soon.

Tru organizes your photos and videos in the following folder formats:

  • YYYY-MMM (2017-Jan)
  • YYYYY-MMM-DD (2017-Jan-23)
  • YYYY-MM (2017-01)

In the Windows version, you can change it from the 'Settings' page and in the Mac version, you can change it at the time when you select a destination directory.