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Tru is the simplest and fastest way to bring your photos & videos together from different folders and drives into a single place & organize them all in a simple fashion.


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Tru is packed with features and yet dead easy to use so you can get exactly what you want with your organizes without jumping through hoops.

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Organize unlimited photos & videos of all sizes.


Continuous monitoring & organization of new photos & videos.

Smart De-dupe.

Handle duplicates while organization.

Sub-folders too.

Automatic organize from Folders & Sub-folders.


Move files from Source to Destination.


Organize photos/videos by Year-Month-Day.

Full Structure.

Folder format supported: YYYY-MMM, YYYY-MMM-DD, YYYY-MM.


Doesn't modify/rename files while organization.


Photos & Videos will be organized in different folders.

Tru does exactly what it is supposed to do.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Tru?

Tru is the simplest way to organize all your photos as well as videos, automatically. Simply associate or connect all your source folders (where photos & videos are) and specify the destination (a folder on your computer) and Tru does the rest. It scans all your photos and organizes them by date into separate folders (Jan 2016 for example). It's so simple, you'll love it...for all the time it saves you.

Why Tru?

Most of us have all our photos - our precious memories - dispersed all over on different folder on our computers, phone, Facebook account, Flickr and many such places. It is next to impossible to see them all together, let alone try to find a photo you need from last summer. Tru solves this exact problem, by automatically pulling all your photos together and organizing them in Month-Year (Jan 2016) folders based on the date the photo was taken.

Is Tru photo organizer Free?

Yes, Tru is FREE to start and you get access to all the important features. You can upgrade anytime for unlimited organize.

What is a Destination in Tru?

A destination is a folder on your computer where Tru can create the cleanly organized library of all your photos. You can choose any folder you may want.

What is a Source in Tru?

A source is where your photos are. The purpose of Tru is to help you collect photos from all over - folders on your computer and organize them all together, after de-duping cleanly. So a Source is one or more folders on your computer.

Does Tru remove the photos from the Sources?

Tru DOES remove the photos from the Source folders to optimize storage space as it creates an organized copy of those photos under the Destination Folder.

Do I need to keep my photos & videos in separate folders?

No, you can keep your photos and videos in the same source folder. Tru will organize photos as well as videos in the chronological order.

What Folder formats does Tru create to save organized photos and videos?

Tru organizes your photos and videos in the following folder formats:

  • YYYY-MMM (2017-Jan)
  • YYYYY-MMM-DD (2017-Jan-23)
  • YYYY-MM (2017-01)

In the Windows version, you can change it from the 'Settings' tab and in the Mac version, you can change it at the time when you select a destination directory.

How does Tru organizer handle duplicate photos?

If two of your source folders contain the same photo/video file, Tru will ask you to either save it in the 'likely Duplicate' folder( created within the destination folder) or keep it in the source folder itself.

Can I associate multiple source folders?

Yes, with Tru you can associate as many folders as you want. It will organize them all in the destination directory, flawlessly.

How many photos and videos can I organize if I have Tru Basic plan?

In the Basic plan, you get a FREE quota to organize 5000 photos or videos (one-time), only. To organize unlimited photos and videos, you will have to upgrade to a Premium plan.

Is internet access necessary?

Not necessarily. Tru doesn't require an internet connection for photo organization, but there are some processes running in the background that needs an internet connection. Tru is designed to work on a low-bandwidth connection as well.

Does Tru pick up folders and sub-folders automatically?

Yes, Tru automatically picks up all sub-folders from the connected folders and organize photos/videos from all folders and sub-folders.

Do Mac and Windows have the same login? Can I use my single subscription for both Mac and Windows?

Yes, the same login is applicable to the Photo Organizer for Windows as well as to the Photo Organizer for Mac. Yes, Tru subscription is valid for both Mac and Windows versions. In fact, you can use same login details on different Tru instances.

What about my privacy? Do you keep my photos on your servers?

We are fully committed to privacy. Tru Photo Organizer doesn’t keep or store any of your photos or videos on our servers, at all - in fact, the photos are directly moved from your source folder to the destination folder without touching the Tru servers.

Is Tru resource hungry? Can I work on my computer while Tru organizes photos?

Tru Photo Organizer is designed to consume very little resources on your computer so it can run in the background and you can continue to work on whatever you need.

What will happen if I rename some of the source folders?

If you rename an associated source folder, Tru won't be able to organize photos from that folder. This is because the file path changes. If you rename a folder and then associate it, Tru will consider the new folder name and organize it.

How can I contact the customer support team?

We make every effort to respond as quickly as possible, and most queries are answered within 24 hours. For any question or help on Tru Photo Organizer, you can email us at tru@picbackman.com.